Cash: Just bring the correct amount and pay up front before we begin.
No change exchanged...any extra is welcome as a gift.
Tipping is appreciated ... often after a massage if you liked it exceptionally well.
It is not necessary or required but always appreciated!
Very IMPORTANT for Best Results!: 
Please wash, shower or bathe thoroughly to be sure you smell clean all over.
Be sure to use soap and scrub all intimate and odorous areas.
Wash those nooks and crannies! (click those links;)
This is the purpose of the shower! 

A word about personal odor: not considered sexy.  Sometimes this odor happens due to bacteria and it
may not even shower off in one soaping up in the shower.  At that point you should contact your physician about what to do,
or at least do some online research.  Scrub odorous areas with activated charcoal, wipe with a bit of iodine, soak in an epsom salt bath, correct your pH with a diluted cider vinegar,
spray a non-aluminum or salt-based deodorant in those areas... do something until something works. 
Check your own odors by hand.  If you wouldn't want a hand to touch your face after touching other areas,
then it isn't clean enough for my best work.. If you shower and then toilet, that is reverse order.. go back in the shower again once more! :)
Fresh breath is also important even though it's not for kissing. Are you going to breathe?!  I encourage breathing :) Pure peppermint oil is great for that.
and I also encourage that your breath be clean when you do.  :) 
So don't eat garlic & raw onions or smoke or drink coffee without using a tongue-scraper and breath freshener, please!
Take this Test to see if you may benefit from an extra care regimen at home.
Some products I would recommend are TheraBreath, SmartMouth, or Dental Herb Company.
If you ever breathe heavily, smoke, drink coffee, eat spicy foods, suffer dry mouth, etc:
A selection of mouthwash, gum, mints
are provided at my incall for your convenience!
Please utilize what is necessary to freshen up!
If you offend my senses I won't feel so adept to please your senses as much...
so please attend to your hygiene properly!
Even if your activity has been sitting in an office all day,
it's still important to have a recent shower. Odors can gather up even if you didn't sweat.
If you have used the toilet, you need to shower and scrub afterward...yes, that word is after!  
I prefer that everyone take a recent shower, whether just before you arrive
or request to use mine. (I will wait patiently but I don't join).
Also remember that it is better to smell like soap rather than cologne or anything else!
If your cologne is too strong I may need you to wash it off... 
Most importantly, expect to enjoy it and receive the best energy!
If Plans Change: 
If something comes up that you cannot keep it, please CALL right away to notify me of the change.
If you don't show up or call me when you arranged it or explain plausibly
I reserve the right not to plan any other visits. Please treat my time with respect,
as this goes best if you treat this just like a personal and important date.
Check Contact page to give me info..

I do not like to discuss rates or specific services on the phone.
If possible, please remember what you have read on my site.
I do not discuss penis sizes on the phone. lol! 
I do not offer sexy phone conversations.


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