Schedule, etc:
Base Location:
Richmond VA  far west end (incall private studio or outcall available)
Posted    2020   over an hour's notice or a day advance is preferred if possible
I am available these days (but no inquiries between 11pm-8am)

 you can email or call to get in contact with me if you are brand new or relatively new

Do not text* me a question,  instead, apply by email along with your question within the rest of the application

If you are very well established you can text me to set a time, if you have questions please find a time to call instead of texting!
I don't answer questions by text, especially not service-related or personal questions! 

Cancellation Policy:  It is rude to set up an appt you have no intention to keep. 
Keep all communications with me between you and I alone!  It is what you would want too-- right??
Screenshots, Fwd, Copy-paste, recording or any other sharing of my communications with you in any form to someone else who has no permission from me to receive such info is *theft of my service (I did not offer screening service and you can be sure they did not even ask for such from me) and if you go along with it, you are enabling them to do it, as well as deceiving me etc. If you have your own business, I'm sure you can find a way to see how this relates... say if you did art and someone took a sample of your work ... took it for free even, then claimed it was theirs, maybe even got your client list from your work?  They can do their own thing to get their own clients, or even share clients (they don't need anything from me to see you), maybe you need more than one artist.. but they don't have to use your work for free and ask your clients to deceive you in order to use their services

Some haven't had the least concern of that-- sharing with other providers without any regard --
so now, I have little tolerance for cancellations. If it is a real reason, I ask for a detailed reason which indicates you are still responsible and committed, not just something came up or no reason, with no rescheduling or a reschedule you also intend to cancel or no-show -- indicating you most likely just did the above

I no longer make appointments with those who keep inquiring availability without making an appt, or cancel easily, however, I might ask you to call if I don't recognize you or if there was some difficulty

RICHMOND VA :     Potentially available any day of week ... call or email when ready and give your choice of time desired.. (recommended to call several hours ahead if you can, or email a few days ahead if you can)  use Contact page to see info how to introduce yourself

YOU Choose a time that works for You
People who keep asking me to pick the best time often actually only have one time that even works for them so if they say what that is instead of letting me pick what suits me best when it doesn't suit you -- that doesn't suit anyone actually, so YOU choose the time and tell me your degree of flexibility on making it work and that will be the best way to get the appt secured

You can check on my availability for your chosen time between 8am to 10:30pm daily...
This doesn't mean I'm working all those hours (low volume actually), but I will be keeping busy one way or another, so the same respect of my time is required

before 10pm is preferred, and after hours or before hours (only by one hour max) if available would be at a higher amt
no calls between  11pm- 8:30am unless we already discussed an exception on that
I often keep my phone on silent through the night and morning with an alarm only if something is already scheduled so early morning and middle of night calls or emails or texts are not likely to be seen or heard
What to talk about and what to keep silent--
To get the best from your unique visit, as well as being clean and courteous,
you may choose to offer friendly conversation about yourself that is about your health, family, or general interests and enthusiasms
If it evokes interest or compassion, that is a good topic
If you are enthused about building, creating, a sport, a collection, something unique,
 even if I don't know much about it that is a good topic to share, I like enthusiasm (what some call passions, but passion actually means suffering so I call it enthusiasm)

Better to stay silent about any of the other sensual exotic massage experiences you ever had and therefore comparing me to someone else to try to get me to outdo them somehow, I tend to feel anti- competitive so this will not lead to a better experience

Better to stay silent on asking me about negative experiences or sexuality, 
asking about that gets negativity rolling or puts me on the defensive unless I have the good sense not to engage those questions and too often I have answered and that didn't seem to go anywhere good so help me out and keep it positive and light

If I haven't seen you in years, and/ or only saw you once then please don't send pics or inquire if I remember you.  If you've been away for a very very long time then if you re-introduce yourself in a way that allows me to feel compassion for your needs, that is much more useful.  Potentially, you could return as if you were a first time client again, because we have both changed over the years. 

If you aren't my client and aren't calling to be my client, it would be best not to contact me through any of the means I have given clients to do so

By the end of session if you want to come back you can say so, but if you are looking for someone who does more or something different, that will be on your own to discover, asking where else I advertise is not going to prove useful in that endeavor (I know maybe you just like lots of options but it doesn't feel good to be a part of that and it doesn't feel good on me to hear that question). There is nothing that took over bp that I know & my ad is here where you found it. My friends don't do this type of service and I don't get into recommendations of those you found on your own since it turned out to be troublesome.. many good reasons you probably hadn't thought of but some are for your best interest and some are for mine, and this isn't about keeping you to myself or bringing in more clients, it's about safety, respect, and what I choose or don't choose to be part of, thanks for doing your best to understand.  I really appreciate that you chose to visit me and I hope it was friendly, soothing, interesting and made you feel great!