Base Location:
Richmond VA  far west end (incall private studio or outcall available)
Posted    2018

RICHMOND VA :     Potentially available any day of week ... call or email when ready and we will see..   use Contact page to see what info is asked to introduce yourself

You can check on my availability for your chosen time between 10am to 11pm daily... 
no calls between  11:30pm- 8:30am unless we already discussed an exception on one end of that
I often keep my phone on silent through the night and morning with an alarm only if something is already scheduled so early morning and middle of night calls or emails or texts are not likely to be seen or heard
What to talk about and what to keep silent--
To get the best from your unique visit, as well as being clean and courteous,
you may choose to offer friendly conversation about yourself that is about your health, family, or general interests and enthusiasms
If it evokes interest or compassion, that is a good topic
If you are enthused about building, creating, a sport, a collection, something unique,
 even if I don't know much about it that is a good topic to share, I like enthusiasm (what some call passions, but passion actually means suffering so I call it enthusiasm)

Better to stay silent about any of the other sensual exotic massage experiences you ever had and therefore comparing me to someone else to try to get me to outdo them somehow, I tend to feel anti- competitive so this will not lead to a better experience

Better to stay silent on asking me about negative experiences or sexuality, 
asking about that gets negativity rolling unless I have the good sense not to engage those questions and too often I have answered and regretted doing so, so give it a hand and keep it positive and light

I will also refrain from politics. This hasn't been a good topic either. I have changed my mind from years ago and my opinions on things sometimes change. But I realize this kind of conversation is bound to lead to someone thinking someone needs to learn, etc, and it just doesn't get relaxing, so I'm going to do my best not to talk about any such things and just keep it soft and soothing