Expressions of Appreciation:
*Cash* offering - -  OR
Pre - paid Visa/ MC GIFT cards purchased recently at store with the receipt included. 
I do not process credit cards directly. No apps for processing either
Solid pure gold silver platinum coins or bars at value value 

Please remember  s ex is not part of services offered;  even if it be sexually relieving
If you must ask if I offer it then it is $20 to ask and the answer is still no.
My answer is not going to change by asking in person.  k? thanks.
I give an awesome sensual bodyrub with a finish(see Session for description).  
Please don't ask for nor expect escort-type services. It isn't that kind of offer
If I were trying to check you out and see if you are safe to offer it later, all this wouldn't have been written out saying it isn't offered)

It is not negotiable if you don't have it, can't get it, etc...even if you have seen me before...unless you tell all the details of what you need further in an email including
your description with all questions answered as in the client form on the contact page and then we'll see...
Know before you call whether you have it or not. I don't extend personal credit on your request of trust, take no checks.

Incall: means you come to my current location.
Outcall: means I travel to your location.


Sensual session:

Unclothed for you, but I wear a thong, nice finishing touch by hand only

And not involving kissing or mutual massage

Incall Amounts listed below:

(Outcall within Short Pump or Ric West, to Far West Henrico or Manakin Sabot starts at 215/~hr or 280/~90)

(Outcall within Downtown or airport areas is 230/~hr
or 300/~90min)

Flexible between:

30 min -NOT available to anyone who has not already been doing 30 regularly

but if you need less time you can get less time, but Amount is still the same as follows

Generosity scale
 You choose:
Tips accepted (not as bribes)

approx~60 min 160 

If you cancelled your last appt, your next appt add 40 or do 90min

if you ask 90 then suddenly only have 60 min, I can expect you are a really awesome guy, you'll still offer 250 even though you didn't have time
I can agree to 200 for it in most cases though

~90 min 250 also for 1st timers
~2 hrs 350 to 400
an incentive rate may be available for return visits within less than a month

dinner or chat only 


 some form of excursion for additional appreciation exchange may be available but not a dinner chat


Extra interests
Ask while *present (in body, not text etc after) in your session for *Future* session possibility

(need a session or a few to qualify with cleanliness, likeableness, etc)

Heavy fetish-no- Shower together-no- Nude-no- 
more sexual options -no

If I already said it is not included it is not encouraged to request at all about it, nor by email or text afterward

 will be extra

 if we do agree to extra interest while you are on a visit (I don't take requests at all after your visit and before the next one if you are trying to ask by text or email or a call, any requests should be while you are on a visit as in regards to your next visit and you should be clear about what you are asking and what you are offering. I just don't have time for vague questions and flirtings that are vague questions trying to be in disguise. It is honestly very frustrating and only leads to misunderstanding. It is the likelyhood you will take an hour being vague and not showing up at I can't do that.)

If you do make an agreeable request you should come back to experience it on a visit within 2 or 3 months of when we spoke if we agreed; otherwise you will need to treat the next session like a new client and ask your request again for the next time 
If you don't have the courage to ask during your visit or you don't think you should, then you should trust that instinct and enjoy the session for what it is. I really feel I can give my best to those who like it for only what it is. I'm not offering to cater to any kind of request. The only reason I address this is to get people to realize I don't want the questions in between appts if you have them.
I don't name the amount for your requests, you do...and again, requests are not for sex--
you might have your own requests that are simple and unique to you, it's not about what anyone else may ask about

There are no free offers

Even though no escort service is offered, it doesn't mean I'm more agreeable to let you get the goods for free-- far from it! That would be silly. I thought this would be obvious but inquiries have indicated it wasn't.  I'm not going to give out even greater value for free-- that would be counter-productive to the offered service!
Again, this is not an offer to provide escort service and if you even think you might have heard or read that, think again! 
If you think I hinted otherwise specifically to you, ask right then so we can get it straight. I have nothing to say about anything in text. I'm not going to answer flirtings and assumptions.
Text is to set time only.
Discussion about more massages? or requests is never meant to imply any escort (ieprostitute) offering so ask right then if you feel you have misunderstood and thought I was saying something else just for you.



Some ATMs will now only let you take out 200 in a single day.  Please be prepared.  :)

For winter outcalls: Please warm your place up to at least 72 'F for me to feel comfortable, and take your shower beforehand.

In summer it can be cooled to 70-74o F 

Incall: I have my room all set up for you. 

Discretion: Your part to play as well! : )
Incall: it is a personal space.   Simply follow my directions when I give them.  
If you have questions of whether you are correct, call back to verify.

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