If you have a cold or flu or even suspicion of one, including an onset of allergies that involves your nose, or even if everyone in your house is sick but you are well,  please book when you & your house are fully well from any contagious pathogens only.
Be understanding and only arrive healthy!!
   ~no reference vouchers
I do not require them,
and for several reasons,
I don't give verifications  
Contact Me:
(For initial appts, your cooperation in emailing this information is appreciated!)
Email may be delayed or received late, so please use in conjunction with a call unless a day ahead or more!
Search engine/site that got you here:
Email Address: Make sure you give me/only email from the email address that does not cause conflict for you at work or at home! Also, do you check it regularly?
Phone Number:
Specify how you would like me to use your phone number so I can treat it accordingly:
(Call anytime!, call only before (specify) time/ day, only email, etc)

p.s. - I ask that you do not give my name when/if looking for someone else but if you do anyway, no verification is made but at least leave my number and personal details out of it, Thanks 

Your City & State Location: (Major recognizable city)
Is it where you live or just visiting on business for the appt?
Time or Range of time available:
Length of Appt:  

Did you read my full site and agree with it?
Did you see how much your selection was? (Asking How Much page: if yes, write quantity)
Description about yourself (age/height/weight/& please say something about your personality)
And expectations/ requests/ type of session (if it is anything I need to know, say it ahead, no surprises!):

The more info you give here, the more I can be sure it is a good match and let you know if it isn't, if you don't say much and you had a lot of unspoken assumptions, it might not be a good match and yet I may still accept your appt and that's your chance. Best is when I can feel you are already friendly as if we are already friends. Even if we have met and it was a while ago, it's better to tell me about yourself again if it has been a while

Skin conditions or Medical conditions, please let me know...
If you have a cold or flu or any suspicion of one, please book when you are well only & no recent flu shot. Any meds you take may affect your appt, so it's best not to do drugs/pharm of any kind just before appt
Also no colognes 
Incall or outcall?:
If outcall, your address or hotel location:
Have you seen anyone for anything like this?
Experience level (Experience level lets me know whether you may feel nervous or secure about how it works, and some experience levels may require clarification of expectations) 
How reliable are you for this appt?
A) 99.9%
(This is cool, But! Some people mark this and still cancel for reasons like feeling too nervous, leaving late, etc... that is not what this choice is for: only choose this if you are looking at it from my point of view that if you are alive, you will show up! Otherwise choose another option!)
B) Will do the best I can and call you if I must cancel or arrive late.
C) Not only will I call you but I will send money or tip you next time to make up for it.
D) I won't call you or show up this time or even email you to explain, but I am counting on you to forget this incident next time I inquire!
For Some cases of cancellation or being quite late, there is 10% added either to be sent by email in advance of, or brought along with next appt. (Cannot be brought in person before appt)
In Other cases, Not calling, & no explanation with not showing means payment by email or possibly not ever getting to reschedule

Is English your native language?
Is it easy for you to understand spoken English?

(reason this is important is to make sure you can follow road directions, which some have difficulty so it is better to have a conversation on the phone to make sure this is possible)  

So even if you do speak English, be aware part of the directions will be given on the phone for your first visit, vocally only. If you cannot do this, let me know and why before booking a time. 

Thank you for applying for a session.  I only wish to see those who are in alignment with what I can offer and have an agreeable personality.
If you are aggressive or demanding or require more than I have to offer, it would not be a good match for us.
Thank You! This does not submit automatically...
Please copy, paste, or just email the answers directly to AlaraDodd@gmail.com

Some emails get lost or go to spam accidentally... follow up with a call if you think it may have gotten lost.

Email may take a day or so before you get a response.
If you need a response sooner and you are new, it would be good to email your info and then call as well.  I may be delayed from responding during travel or work.  If your appt time is coming very close and you have not heard from me, my reply may have been lost in cyberspace -- this is rare, but apparently does happen- so if you haven't heard from me as the time approaches, please call, especially if this has happened after filling out this requested info! 
Thanks so much!    ~~ Alara



If I don't respond to your
email, it might be I never got it (or you just didn't answer most of the Q&A here)!  Sometimes they don't get delivered or go to spam... You can try a quick call to see if I got it. 
804 754 5560 Or send again with a different subject title.

TEXT MESSAGES for scheduling are available IF I've seen you before and you include your name and intro again: to be used for time and directions only -- any new questions or comments to be made by phone call or email Thanks 

her thehave a   
*<--read over the questions
if it's your first call and check the Asking How Much page

*generally call between 10am-10pm, but if important, that can be stretched

*Texting is only for setting time and giving directions,
any questions or concerns are addressed through email or voice call

For new appts, please email first if possible (if not, just call), but if same day appt if desired, please call for best possibility of making it work out (and leave a message if not answered). 
If I don't answer the phone, I may be temporarily busy or involved in a session.  Your call is still important.
Please leave a message or call back. I do tend to call back if I miss your call by a few minutes, so leave a message if you do not want me to call back and just say please don't call back and that you will call me later. I do use discretion but it helps if you leave a message either way.
Check your situation with your spouse or significant other if they are too suspicious for you to make phone calls or emails to people they don't know for whatever reason. That isn't for my involvement. Manage your situation before contact so it is no problem. No reason for it to be.
___Equal Opportunity!
I neither discriminate nor offer discounts based on race, age, handicaps, wealth, or occupation. : )


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