Welcome! Hello! 
My name is Alara. (Pronounced Ah- Lar- (like "far") - a)
Welcome to my sensual teasing and pleasing place!  I enjoy giving an excellent sensual massage, sensual touch, tantric touch?   I feel that tantra is a word that seems difficult to define in terms of a massage, so I am not claiming that this is tantra or a tantric massage, although some have found that it may be what they were looking for when they used that word to search it out.  I incorporate techniques as seem appropriate to the occasion!  I have a very peaceful and welcoming personality despite any nervousness you may have at trying something new or being in the presence of a beautiful woman!  Peace! :)

Here is my physical description:
a tall 5'10...
small, natural.. 34 B / C
thin waist..dress US-size 4 ...
strong hands with manicured nails
(therefore no rough scratching during nice massage ;)
nice narrow feet 9.5, pedicured nails with extra soft soles
, always clean ~~ baby soft skin!!
pics on my pic page are an actual representation of my current likeness/ my own pics/ same shape, healthy, no extra weight.
I love organic fruits and veggies, but not really a vegetartian
I enjoy studying energy and some say I have a healing touch.
I may or may not have a slight accent. It is not foreign.
   (though German & Swedish ancestry).
I am soft spoken, sexy, and down-to-earth. If you bring a sense of humor, then i'm likely to match it.  
I could be as likely to be quiet as to be talkative, sometimes that depends on my mood and sometimes on your aptness to converse
I provide a similar experience for everyone but my personality will probably be experienced based on the one you express to me!
I enjoy ordinary, casual, humorous, and spiritually based conversations.  Conversations about sex or dirty talk is likely not going to go well.  It's best if you have an agreeable personality and aren't looking for complete eroticism.  Also be respectful and clean  If I don't really enjoy you, you won't really enjoy it as much either.  I expect my clients to be likeable people too.
Feel free to talk, but you may want to limit it to part of your time, or take a longer session to get the best of each!  We are going to have a good time so leave your worries behind..

Thank you!!

Tempting Touch
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