Description of Session:

I use unscented  massage cream, lotion, or oils, to assure discretion.
If you would rather have an essential oil scent it must be requested ahead of time.
However, if you have allergies to anything, please let me know!

I'd love to welcome you, so please come in, introduce yourself, exchange pleasantries, offer your contribution and appreciation.
Please accept my offer to shower  beforehand if you haven't within hours before you arrived or if you require one for any reason, but keep it short as it is part of your time. Best to be clean. :) (See Terms)
Feel comfortable to undress and relax upon the bed where I have laid out a fresh sheet for you
to lie upon. I undress to my thong alone. Then I will climb upon the bed beside you, and slowly
begin to knead your shoulders with my hands, talking to you about various things or just being quiet as our moods seems to dictate...and as you communicate!
I have my own unique style, which if you remain open to it, I am fairly sure you will totally enjoy this time together!  
This is what it is going to be like!:

My legs may be touching your skin... there is no need to move unless I ask...
My hands intuitively know what will feel best for you although your response
will keep me on track as to what you like most.   Do you like firm, soft, or the special mix of both?
My hands tend to your needs with firm strokes of swedish style to work out tensions and
I use light grazing fingernail touch to give you a sensual teasing chill
(unless you are too ticklish)... covering your back side and then your front...
just relax and allow me to take control... 
you will be completely relaxed when it concludes with the slow finishing touch of my hands
leaving no tension in any part!
Afterwards you may relax while you are cleaned.
This also intentionally implies that it is not going to be on me and is not mutually reciprocated to me

It is a complete session that will both electrify you and leave you feeling very satisfied and relaxed!

Common Questions Addressed:
There's no verbal humiliation nor dirty talk or such
Can I do the ending from the beginning all the way til the end again? No, the session doesn't go like that

This is not defined as tantra and it isn't lingham yoni practice but if you have ed or de please make it known I can work better with fore-knowing of the issue.
e.d. is easier to work with than d.e, no miracles guaranteed, but possibilities exist

Can I pretend to be fully comfortable with you even though I just met you? If that's your preceding question to a special request, then no... if you are good with my description only, then we will do pretty well!

Can you now do way more than the first session on the second session? no....
How about 3, 4th or 5th? Can you then do activities you said you don't do? No....
If what you want is not something I said I don't do, then it may depend on whether you have built any friendship and how ideal of a client you are and what your request is and if you make the request while still there in session and not by text email or call when you are no longer in face to face interaction
You don't go on match dot com expecting the first conversation to lead to agreement on taking up where your last relationship left off... don't expect that of me either... even a business relationship has progression or no progression in a time-based order and depending on quality and effort

Neither oral (of either party) nor any penetrative sex is involved so do not email me or ask me
in any way if this is/will be/ or has been possible or any questions in that regard
whether before or after your first appt!  
Requests for languages or fs is not offered. Also not an offer for internal prostate/ana1 massage.
Please do not touch me without asking, and it will be my choice whether I agree to it at all.

But I really want to be treated special! If it isn't special enough, how special are you treating me? How conversationally friendly are you? That makes some difference as to how we experience things.
I've only had one offer me enough that it was worth considering, at least it was enough to be worth considering rather than just another request trying to get me to do what I'm not comfortable with. Although I didn't agree to it, at least I feel like it was reasonably respectful businesslike effort for someone I am not in love/in like with.

I am just one person and I keep things to my comfort level, I think you will love it !!
especially if you are new to this!
but if you know you must require more then please pass me by. Cheers!

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